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Jun 11, 2019

My Year in Review

I joined hackthebox.eu on the 27th of June ‘18, 348 days ago,

After I was told to “check it out” by some Security Analysts from Raytheon’s Cyber Division. After botching myself through the invite challenge whilst waiting for my food to arrive at a restaurant, I did my first box: “Jerry”; the “Netmon” of old. I remember working on “Poison” whilst waiting for the next talk at Steelcon, Curling whilst I was supposed to be learning Macbeth quotes and Chaos whilst waiting for friends to come over.

This website has become a key part of my life over the past 11 months,

More so these last 4 months, and a big part of that is the community behind HTB. The HTB Discord server has become my home away from home in some respects. The people over there are awesome and have helped me so much, both with HTB and with IRL stuff as well. Through the HTB Discord, I found my teammates in Sector 13, a close group of friends which are there to talk to almost every night. I got to host AMAs with PwnFunction and TJNull, two of the most interesting people I have even spoken to. I was introduced to even more communities: Laptop Hacking Coffee, NetSec Focus, The Many Hats Club; all of which have been just as welcoming.

And now for the icing on the cake:

As of today, I have reached Omniscient rank on Hack The Box. 100% Active Ownership.

That’s 20 Active Machines, both user and root, plus nearly 60 challenges, ranging from simple crypto to jaw-droppingly difficult reversing.
And I have every single person that I’ve met along the way to thank.

Thank you, everyone that has conversed, helped or talked to me on HTB.

Thank you, the team at HTB, both in the UK and in Greece, for providing and actively improving such a great platform.

Thank you, all the creators of boxes and challenges that uphold these incredible challenges.

Here’s to another great 348 days, be it on any platform.

Dan (SherlockSec)

Breaker, not a maker. HTB Omniscient, Washed Up CTF Player. Once wrote a fanfic talk about Aiden Pearce.