Recently I have been noticing a trend in the security spheres, one that I can only liken to, surprisingly, the games industry. The Video Games industry, widely run by the tRiPlE a publishers is well documented to be , in some cases, a cesspit of greed and disregard for standards that has really been unprecedented these past couple of years. This is mainly due to a strong unwillingness to do anything about these issues and to just try and sweep them under the newly rendered 2048K rug in the new yearly cash-cow francise release. I believe this is starting to show in the Cyber Sec bubble, and thankfully, it’s still in it’s infancy, and unlike the cancer that is lootboxes in the games industry, there’s still time to stop it from spreading.

What I’m of course talking about is the obsession that companies seem to have with claiming their own product as uNhAcKaBlE. Now, when this first started happening, it was a comedic, oh, look at them! they’ve shot themselves in the foot a bit there haven’t they? ordeal. However, this reaction, in my opinion, has only fueled the fire into using the uNhAcKaBlE claims as free marketing. Let’s have a look at some examples shall we?

Case 1 - McAfee and his ‘unhackable’ Bitfi

Ah yes, the classic uNhAcKaBlE product. Releasing in August ‘18 to much uproar, John McAfee, the man you know from using drugs and guns to uninstall his own anti-virus software had this bold claim:

The world’s first un-hackable storage for cryptocurrency and digital assets